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AD-1 Audio Distribution System

AD-1 Audio Distribution System


The Model AD-1 is an Audio Distribution System which distributes high quality audio from a central source to as many as twenty remote locations.

It is a truly balanced and isolated system which offers a high rate of rejection to hum and noise, and prevents leakage of audio signals between remote locations. This is accomplished by the use of one distribution amplifier (transmitter) with active balanced stereo and monaural outputs which can feed up to twenty individual receivers. Any line level audio source can be connected to the AD-1 transmitter input. Level controls are provided.

The AD-1 receivers process the audio through specially designed transformers which preserve the integrity of the balanced lines. Output level controls are provided on each receiver.


The AD-1 Transmitter is designed to feed all receivers in parallel, thus the wiring can be looped, or "daisy-chained" from one receiver to the next and so on. Two conductor shielded cable per channel is recommended.

The transmitter and receivers can be surface mounted by tabs located at each end, or to an optional one unit rack panel. The AD-1 receivers can also be attached to our MS-100 Monitor Amplifier rear panel or the rear flanges on Dolby Cinema Processors.


Transmitter: 120 VAC 50/60 Hz (220 VAC version available)
Receiver: Passive

Power: IEC
Audio-transmitter: Terminal block/RCA
Audio-receiver: Terminal block

Surface mount (Rack panel adaptor available)

Frequency Response: 30 to 16 kHz
Separation: 70 dB or better
Distortion: .02% TD

Ordering Information

Transmitter                   AD-1TX    (one required for up to twenty receivers)

Receiver                        AD-1RX

Rack Panel Mount Kit    AD-1PNL

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