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Technical Information

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Product Guides

DA-10 Digital Theatre Automation User's Guide (908KB)
TA-10 Theatre Automation (872KB)
DX-10 (for Serial)/DX-10 (for GPIO) Digital Interface User's Guide (544/767KB)
Cue Manager Software User's Guide (51KB)
FM-35/37 Instructions (89KB)
QX-10 Cue Expander (183KB)
QX-20 Cue Decoder (642KB)
STRD-30S Simplex Digital and Analog Soundtrack Reader (796KB)
STRD-30C Century Digital and Analog Soundtrack Reader (883KB)
ASR-40 Installation Instructions (95KB)
STRD-50 Installation Instructions (1.864KB)
SC1/CC1 Upgrade from ASR-20 to ASR-30 (EL-2A Mod. Included) (131KB)
SC4/CC4 Upgrade from STR-20 to STRD-30 Visible Red LED (35/35KB)
SC5/CC5 Upgrade from STRD-20 to STRD-30 Visible Red LED (35/35KB)

Automation Updates

Tips for TA-10 data bus troubleshooting in a new installation (149KB)
TA-10 Modification for projectors using Rotary Solenoid Dousers (91KB)
TA-10 Controller Shield Board (54KB)
Lens Change/Douser Close Timer (121KB)
FM-35 Pinout Diagram (30KB)
Interfacing the FM-35 with Kelmar and Christie Automations (43KB)

Soundtrack Reader Updates

Recommended Sound Reader LED Adjustment Procedure (58KB)
Lower Current Settings for Infrared LEDs (68KB)

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